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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Monteagle, TN

At last, I'm done! Here's my map of Monteagle, Tennessee (also including Sewanee and Tracy City):

My big innovation is the curved earth. I thought that would be fun, to make it feel like you're looking down on this cute, little, cartoon planet. I think this is the first time anyone's shown the curvature of the horizon on a University Graphics / Creative Concepts map.

I colored it on the computer, but I tried to inject some painterly texture into the grass, trees, and sky. It's pretty subtle, and I really won't know how it came out until I see the printed version. You can kind of see it here, but I was afraid to go overboard, not knowing how it would look when printed.

The colors look a little faded here. I hope it comes out a bit richer, on paper.

This map took me a really long time to finish, because I went on a week's vacation after I got started, and I also had to stop to do the updates to the old Grambling and Samford maps.

I wanted this to be one of those maps you can pore over for a long time, and I always think that's helped by throwing a few people into the world. I put some silly passengers in the blimp, here, and a hermit in a cave. The area's full of caves, and I know the folks at the Monteagle City Hall / Chamber of Commerce wanted me to show some of the waterfalls they're famous for.

Here's the Monteagle eagle. And their City Hall / Chamber of Commerce, with its convenient a drive-thru:

I put in the Grim Reaper, coming to make a purchase from Marugg, this old scythe company in Tracy City. The fruit bowl is some kind of feature in Grundy Forest. I don't know what it is.

Bigfoot, of course:

More silliness with the fisherman and the bear:

I like to think that the ambulance on its way to the hospital (above) is carrying the driver of the wrecked car, being pulled behind the tow truck (below). Hey, maybe that's why the Reaper needs a new scythe!


  • At 6:48 AM, Blogger Heath said…

    Wowza!! G, the details are amazing! I love the little fun stuff going on with the bear in the tree. It's very clever and also adds alot of interests to keep looking at the map. There's so many fun going on. I hope you do more of these and make them into a book. No crits here everything looks good!


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