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Monday, October 16, 2006

Guntersville, AL

Here's Guntersville, Alabama:
As I said, this one's chock full with 120 things I had to put in, and lakes all over the place. There's a lot more stuff in it than in any of the other maps I've done so far. I tried to make it a little snazzier by using all real logos and type this time, instead of hand-lettering.

Click to see it in close-up, or if you want to see it closer still, you can click one of these closer up close-ups:

When I got this assignment, they wanted me to use colors more like the ones Jim Baird paints. He's another artist my boss employs, out of North Carolina. Here's part of his map of Clay, Alabama:

I did use his colors for the grass and trees, but they don't look the same, here on the web. I think when they're printed out, they'll at least be similar. I also ripped off his use of red borders, red street names, and the big city name in red with a white outline. And another thing he does - instead of filling up the place with trees all over, he just puts in some occasional shrub-like foliage. I tried my own version of that, but I'm not too crazy about it. It sure saves time, though.


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