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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glencoe Crossing, IL

Glencoe Crossing is a great little neighborhood in the Chicago-Land area. It's in the suburbs of Wheaton and Glen Ellyn.

I was commissioned to draw this map by realtor Sherry Spengel, of Spengel Realty, and her husband Kevin. They wanted to show off all the great spots their area has to offer. You should buy a house from them!

Click the images below to see them in tighter close-up:


  • At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Dan said…

    Its great that you have posted your interim steps. I am not even an amateur artist and certainly not a cartoonist but I always wanted to try my hand at the craft. Clearly talent has a lot of impact here, of which I probably have very little.
    Nonetheless, could you post a blog entry on your methods? I see that you use pencil sketches as a starter, but what next? Do you use a tablet to trace the image directly, or do you scan the sketch then trace? etc. Could we hope for a YouTube demo of a simple map sketch? Many thanks!


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